About me

Let’s just start with some random facts shall we?

Home Stuff:

     I’m a farm girl, I have three siblings, five goats, two chickens, three cats, and a dog. We live in a three story house and have a huge bathroom. We have a potager garden and a herb garden, and a really scary driveway that’s hard to drive up.


     I have been to seven(ish) primary schools, College for year 9, home schooled for year 10 and 11, a Tertiary School to get my NCEA equivalent 1 and 2, and then a polytechnic to become a certified Barista.


     I’m not the kind of girl that makes friends with heaps of people wherever she goes. So I have a few friends that I keep in contact with, then I have my BFFL who’s been with me for about four years. 


     I am often called weird and naïve, compassionate, honest, thorough, confident, creative, personable and intelligent. (These are traits people have given to me/described me as, I am not bragging in any way).

I am a Christian, a strong believer in Jesus Christ and the plans that he has for me.


     I absolutely love animals, so I might go into Zoology in the future (since that’s been on my heart for a long period of time). Either that or IT, I’m known to have ‘WiFi fingers’ (or so my hermanito says), and I’m just generally good with technology.

The End?

     Ok, I think that’s all you really need to know about me. Some people have said, and I quote, that I am a ‘maze to navigate’. So I won’t blame you if you take one look at all of this stuff and freak out about this ‘mysterious new blogger’.

     I’m doing this blog because I like the thought of sharing a bit of myself with the world, showing people my view of the world and my opinions of events in my day-to-day life.

     Jokes aside, I hope you guys enjoy going through this blog and feel no pressure to like or follow me. Just to see the world through my eyes, read it through my opinions, and think about it through my thoughts.