The Medoran Chronicles

I don’t know if this acronym has already been claimed (BWFL), but for this page it stands for Book Worms For Life 😉 .

I’m super happy, because I’ve just become interested in a book series called The Medoran Chronicles. Lynette Noni has just released the fourth book!! I immediately got it as soon as it was on Amazon and read the whole thing until 2am in the morning. Lol. I love to read! especially if the books I read are amazing 😉 .

(I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll just give you a vague blog of the first book Akarnae) This first book’s about a girl who accidentally finds herself in another world trying to get to boarding school, and tries to keep her identity hidden since she’s from another world, but the catch is she’s enrolled into an academy where the students have super powers. She doesn’t.

Because I don’t want to risk spoiling it I’ll let you guys read the series 🙂 , I fully recommend it!

For Book Worms who can’t find the right books (like me) and/or read them too quickly (like me), this is another series I recommend you dive into to keep that inspiration rolling 😉 .


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