What some of you might not know about me, is that I’m a hugger. I love hugs, when I go through tough times I always turn to people for comforting hugs. This image is from a movie, although I’ve changed it slightly to make it relevant to me.

During this one particular hardship, I searched for a hug from the Son of the Living God.

Now I know that sounds crazy, some of you might not even believe in God. But I prayed for weeks and weeks, and was reduced to tears on most Sundays when I went to Church. I needed Him, and I was falling apart during this time. On this one particular Sunday, I got lost in worship, and prayed again. I then got an image, which I will never forget.

Jesus came down on a cloud, and I was on the ground on a hill reaching my arms out to Him like a child. He came down and wrapped His arms around me. As soon as His arms locked around me, I felt the sense of overwhelming love and comfort wash over me.

Now you see my reasoning behind this picture? Every time I need comfort, all I have to do is replay the image in my head, and the same feelings wash over me like it did before.

Even though God isn’t physically here, He gave me a way to be with Him. And so I turned to Google and tried to find an image that looked like the image in my head, this one was perfect. (When you swap them around).

Now even though I can’t physically see Him hugging me, I just look at the canvas and know that He is, and that He is right here with me.












2 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. Wow! What an inspiration you are. And that beautifully drawn picture is absolutely amazing. You have captured the utter surrender of the hug between Jesus and yourself. I says so much…..thank you for that. X

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