An Artist’s Tools

I like to use a pencil and an eraser. That’s just me. Sometimes I’ll use my fingers to smudge, and when I’m painting I might use ear buds to create multiple leaves on trees. Every artist is different, and I believe that we are all artists as soon as we start drawing, painting, sketching, moulding, planning, anything to do with art.

Some people when they think of art, picture a canvas and a paint brush while standing in an empty room. No! No!

Art isn’t like that! Art can be coloured bottles hanging from a tree, or a random doodle you just did in your science book for fun.

Heck- I even drew on my wall once in 2016!


Ok, maybe a couple other times in that year too…



Again, these images are from Google which inspired me. That’s not the point. My point is, we don’t need to buy expensive equipment to create a work of art, or be standing in a field of daisies in the countryside to get our inspiration. (Although there isn’t anything wrong with this) I did all of this just with my fingers, a pencil and an eraser with my favourite music playing. These are my tools, and fortunately they are easy to find.

What are your tools?












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