Ok, some of you might recognise her. Again I copied from an image off of google, but I just feel really inspired by her!

Yeah ok, not all of you have watched The Prince of Egypt. She’s a slave and the mother of Moses, who was the future Prince of Egypt (hence the title). This movie is about how the Hebrews were enslaved by the Egyptians, they prayed for God to deliver them for years and years (and years).

As their numbers began to grow as an individual population, soldiers stormed the village where the Hebrews lived by order of Pharaoh to take all of the newborn babies and feed them to the crocodiles in the river. Awkward silence.

On a slightly lighter note, the mother of Moses went with her children to the Nile. She placed her baby in a basket and sang him a last lullaby, and prayed that God would deliver him safely where he could be free.

God delivered Moses to the Queen of Egypt, where she raised him as her own in the palace. Long story short, he grows up and finds out that he was ‘found’ and not born a Prince of Egypt. He rescues his people (the Hebrews) and delivers them to the Promised Land, which God had given them.

Like I said, this woman inspired me. If she had been like the other Mothers and just wept as their babies were fed to the crocodiles, they would’ve probably been slaves for the rest of their lives.

She was brave, and trusted in God to deliver her son, and to also deliver her people.

Go Yocheved!



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