The Window


     This was done in one of my more depressing moments, where I felt like I couldn’t speak my thoughts. (Please note that I don’t have depression anymore, this is just another story behind an image). Whew… where do I start? 

     In the tear: From the left we have a relationship, obviously because they’ve joined hands. The second image is me watching someone close to me move on with someone else, I won’t go naming people if you’re ok with that. The falling part of the tear image is of me trying to reach out to someone, who’s falling. (Again, this was in a very depressing part of my life). 

     In the whole eye: On the left we have the girl holding out her hand to catch the raindrops, leaning against the iris for support. This part of the eye shows my emotions, the helplessness, loneliness and sadness in all these situations etc. The right part of the eye is a woman wearing a cloak, holding a star. (And no she’s not pregnant, a lot of people have asked me about this and I’ve had to explain to them about bell-sleeves). This image shows the beauty that I’ve seen in all the bad situations; in every cloud there’s some sort of silver-lining. 

     Right… and now the iris and the pupil.

     The iris: You’ll notice that in the bottom of the iris there is a flame, the flame represents the things that I’ve seen, I’ve chosen to do this because in the Bible it says that:

Matthew 6:22

“The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.”

     So… it seemed fitting that I make the ‘lamp’ flames. The cracks in the upper half of the iris are connected to the pupil, which I’ll explain now. 

     The pupil: The girl in the middle is angry, frustrated and trapped. (The flame is also emphasis on her anger). The cracks are emphasis on her trying to break free, it communicates to me how difficult it is and – basically impossible.

     I have named this piece of artwork The Window, because I believe that our eyes are silent windows into our mind and soul.


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